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Program Flea Control - Information

Program flea control is an oral flea preventative given once monthly to cats and dogs. It works by preventing flea larvae and pupae (eggs) from developing, effectively sterilizing the flea. Because Program Flea Control works at the egg stage, it can take several weeks to realize its full benefits.

Program Flea Control is given once monthly by mouth and should be given with food. Dogs are given a monthly tablet while cats are given a monthly suspension which is mixed with a small amount of food and given to the cat. You can mix it with a small amount of your cat's favorite food- such as tuna oil, canned cat food, brown gravy, or deviled ham. When your dog or cat has eaten the tablet or suspension, offer the regular meal so that the Program Flea Control is properly absorbed. Dogs should be given the tablet with or immediately after a meal. Cats and dogs as young as 6 weeks can be started on Program Flea Control. Each packet of Program Flea Control has a 6 month supply.

Some owners choose to combine Program Flea Control use with Advantage flea control, thereby getting "double protection" for their pets and their environment. This is a safe alternative and does indeed provide improved protection against fleas.
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