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ProLabs Skin Soothe (2 oz)

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ProLabs for Healthy Pets has created Skin Soothe for dogs with irritated skin.

 Skin Soothe is a topical spray intended to relieve itching while healing skin ailments. The zinc solution is all natural and works to improve metabolic functions that result in faster repair of connective tissue and cell regeneration. Skin Soothe also contains L-lysine and Taurine to reduce the itching sensation caused by irritated skin.

Skin Soothe is alcohol-free and has a neutral pH to ensure that it does not hurt your dog when applied. Skin Soothe is good for healing a wide assortment of ailments including, among others, hot spots, minor wounds, incision sites, skin fold dermatitis, and foot pad injuries

Skin Soothe is easily applied by spraying the afflicted area and is free of steroids and antibiotics. Assitionally, Skin Soothe does not stain and has an is neither greasy nor oily. If your dog has a skin problem then Skin Soothe is your solution, get it today!

Key Features
  • Relieves itching
  • No sting and can be applied directly to skin
  • Heals wide variety of skin ailments
  • Spray bottle makes for easy application
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