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Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)
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Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)

Item: PROZ908
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This item has been discontinued.


This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Prozyme

PROZYME® is a Popular, plant derived, digestive enzyme powder supplement - aids in absorption of essential nutrients and fatty acids - great for older animals and animals with immune disorders, poor coat and excessive shedding, skin problems, joint problems, allergies, flatulence (gas). This PROZYME® formulaion is intended for use by all companion animals, especially dogs and cats.


Ingredients: Lactose, dried Aspergillus oryzae (var.) fermentation product, and dried bromelain derived from Ananas Comosus.

Useful Information

Dosage: 1/4 teaspoon per cup of food - double this for older animals. Simply mix with food.

Directions: For best results use PROZYME® with every feeding for the life of your companion animal. Add 1/4 teaspoon to each cup of food using a dry measuring spoon. For initial use, begin by providing a small quantity and gradually increase the dosage to the appropriate amount. Dosages should be doubled for companion animals eight years of age or older. Store in a dry area out of extreme heat and direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

17 Reviews
76% (13)
12% (2)
6% (1)
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6% (1)
88% Recommend this product (15 of 17 responses)
By Donna
July 6, 2017
Great Product
I have been using prozyme for over 15 years.. All my dogs are healthy, l have never had any health issues... Beautiful shinny coats, small stools, they very very seldom have gas. This is a product l will always use as long as l have animals.....
By Corky
Northern California
June 9, 2017
Works great!
When my dog was a puppy, he had some digestive issues. My holistic vet, a fantastic woman, told me to add Prozyme to his meals. I've been doing that ever since and no more issues.
By lakelady88
Leesburg IN
January 17, 2017
Great product
I started using this product for our dogs a couple years ago when my daughter recommended it. I purchased it originally from a trainer in Missouri. I was delighted to be able to find it online. It really seems to help our dogs!
By Woodhaven
New York
May 2, 2016
Easy to Purchase
My vet has been prescribing prozyme for my cats for years... my local animal supply store was selling this product but stopped because not many people order the larger bottles...finding this site to replace my locale store was easy, they ship fast & price was reasonable.
By Dog M.
January 25, 2016
Review for Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)
I got this to hopefully stop my Lab Mix from eating stool. This hasn't worked for this. I am using it up, but I won't reorder it. It's probably doing other good things for her gut, but I cannot tell.
By Mist
Albuquerque NM
December 13, 2015
Great Product
Love this product. Have been using it for many years and believe that's one reason my dogs are healthy. They are seniors now and still act like they are young and full of energy.
By Bones
Harrisburg, Il
December 6, 2015
Prozyme Canine Formula
I have been a user and believer in Prozyme for Dogs for many years. I believe their is no better and will never use anything else. I have given it to my dogs, many different varieties from, Irish Wolfhound,Great Danes to my last 4 dogs which have been Standard Poodles. I am so glad that I can order it from your Company. It is difficult to get at some places. Thanks you.
By Collie M.
Bremerton, WA
August 19, 2014
Good product
Been using it for over 20 years. There are now other enzyme products to choose from, too. Will be switching over to conduct a comparison test as I cannot locate a solid consumer review rooted in science.

It is a good value for the price. Manufacturer used to claim you could feed your pet less when using Prozyme, but that is not a current claim.
By Joe J.
Bristol, CT
August 10, 2014
Awesome Product
Been using this for years. It has helped with Brody's digestion. He looks great and has helped is loose stool problem. Awesome Product!
By Necacti
March 20, 2014
Review for Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)
Have used this product with satisfaction for many years.
By Duke
Hong Kong
March 18, 2014
Their fur get better
After giving this product to my dogs, their fur look much better.
By jw
Hannibal, MO
July 30, 2013
Directions bad
The direction of this product do not emphise the danger in the daily dosage. The direction tell you to up the dosage for older dogs with no set amount. To much will cause dangerous medical problems, over time, for your pet. Their needs to be a caution clause added to it's lable, with set amount for age of your pet.
By Lo
Santa Cruz, CA
February 25, 2013
Prozyme is great!
I highly recommend giving your senior dog Prozyme. It really helps in reducing gas and incomplete digestion that comes with the aging process. As a result, your dog will get more nutrients from their food.
Roseville, CA
December 9, 2012
Good stuff
I have an old Lab, and German Shepherd and a younger Lab. I worry about bloat (lost a dog to it years ago) so everyone gets Prozyme in their food every day.
By Cric
July 25, 2012
Great Product
This is an enzyme to aid digestion. Works wonderfully for my dog. Always a pleasure shopping Entirely Pets.
By scoobydoo
January 23, 2012
Review for Prozyme Canine Formula (908 grams)
Awesome product and fast shipping. Will buy from again.
By Tonka
November 22, 2011
Good Stuff
Been using Prozyme for many years and swear by it. My chiro vet, repro vet and regular vet all recommend it for daily maintenance. Entirely Pets shipped the order quickly and with reasonable shipping charges. Will definitely order it again from them in the future.

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