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Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Large Video

Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Large

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Nylabone Puppy Chew

Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Large is more fun, durable and challenging than any other squeaker toy on the market. Made with our exclusive Puppy KONG rubber formula, the Puppy KONG squeaker is super bouncy and perfect for puppies up to 9 months of age.
  • Made in USA
  • For puppies 25-50 lbs
  • As puppy grows, graduate to Classic Kong
  • Not recommended for puppies over 9 months
  • Inspect toy frequently - Remove toy if damaged

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  • Useful Information

    Puppy KONG Squeaker Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q) Is the Puppy KONG Squeaker exactly the same as your Puppy KONGs?
    A) The Puppy KONG Squeaker is exactly the same as our Puppy KONGs, except there’s a squeaker inside.

    Q) If it’s the same as the Puppy KONG, why is the color different?
    A) Puppy KONG Squeakers are solid pink and solid blue to make them easy to distinguish from a standard, stuffable Puppy KONG. Other than color, the rubber formula is the same.

    Q) Even with the squeaker inside, there’s still a bit of a hole in the Puppy KONG Squeaker. Can I put small treats or paste inside?
    A) No. The Puppy KONG Squeaker is not designed to be used in conjunction with treats. Treats can damage the squeaker, and food particles can get trapped and create a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Q) Can I wash the Puppy KONG Squeaker.
    A) Yes, you can hand wash the outer portion of the rubber with soap and rinse. You can also gently wipe the inside with a damp cloth. Do not submerse in water or run water through the center of the toy, as it may damage the squeaker insert.

    Q) Can my dog be safely left alone with the Puppy KONG Squeaker?
    A) No dog toy is 100% indestructible. Any new toy, including KONGs, should always be used under supervision until it is clear that the dog will not damage the toy. As some dogs may chew the Puppy KONG Squeaker differently than a standard KONG, it’s important that even KONG veterans be supervised when given a Puppy KONG Squeaker toy. As with any dog product, toys displaying tears, missing pieces or separating into sections should be removed immediately and replaced.

    Q) My dog’s Puppy KONG Squeaker is not missing pieces, torn or separating, but I see some teeth marks in the rubber. Do I need to remove the toy?
    A) Maybe not. Even with some surface teeth marks, the toy can be structurally sound. Keep a close eye out for tears or missing pieces which would dictate that the toy be replaced.

    Q) Can adult dogs use the puppy squeaker?
    A) The Puppy KONG Squeaker is not recommended for dogs over 9 months of age.

    Q) Are Puppy Squeaker size/weight recommendations the same as the original Puppy KONG?
    A) No. Recommended weight maximums are lower for the Puppy Squeaker: · Small—up to 10 pounds · Medium—10-25 pounds · Large—25-50 pounds

    Q) Why are the sizing guidelines different for the Puppy KONG Squeaker than the original Puppy KONG?
    A) Some dogs, particularly squeak-enthusiasts, may chew the Squeaker KONG more frequently and/or aggressively than they would a standard Puppy KONG. The adjusted sizing recommendations were developed to accommodate potential extra chewing.

    Q) My dog is only 6 months old, but weights more than 50 pounds. Is it OK to give him the Large Puppy Squeaker KONG?
    A) No. For dogs over 50 pounds or 9 months in age, the following toys are appropriate: · Puppies between 50-65 pounds should be given one of the following, depending on jaw strength: -- Large Puppy KONG for less aggressive chewers (KP1) -- Large red “Classic KONG” for average chewers (T1) -- Large black “Extreme KONG” for power chewers (K1) · Puppies and dogs between 65-85 pounds should receive an extra large Classic or Extreme KONG (KXL or UXL) · Puppies and dogs over 85 pounds should use an XXL Classic or Extreme “KING KONG” (KK or UKK)

    Q) Will KONG be introducing a squeaker for adult dogs? If so, when?
    A) There are no current plans to introduce an Adult KONG Squeaker, but it may be considered in the future if demand is strong.

    Q) Is the Puppy KONG Squeaker guaranteed?
    A) As with all KONGs, the rubber comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee does not include the squeaker insert.

    Q) The squeaker in my Puppy KONG Squeaker quit working. Do you sell replacement squeakers?
    A) No, at this time replacement squeakers are not available. However, if you remove the squeaker (and any remaining squeaker pieces) from the toy, it can still be used as a standard, Stuffable Puppy KONG.

    Q) Is the Puppy KONG Squeaker made in the USA.
    A) Yes. The rubber and squeaker components are manufactured and assembled in the US. Only the squeaker reed is imported (from China).

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    By Calpidu
    Perfect for older dogs too!
    May 4, 2014
    I love these. The squeaker lasts forever and my older pup adores her pink squeaky Kong.
    By mac111
    scranton pa
    dogs favorite toy
    November 14, 2013
    purchased this kong for my chocolate lab. He;s a very aggresive chewer. He's destroyed numerous toys but has yet to put a dent in this squeaker toy. It's very durable, squeaker still works. Kongs are only toys he doesn't destroy.
    By Pinguino
    Fantastic toy !
    July 25, 2013
    Great squeakier toy. The very best in the market.

    Hope to keep finding it in your site

    By lap
    Loves it!
    November 11, 2011
    The dog can play with it for hours. It's awesome.

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