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Relief Shampoo - 1 GALLON
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Relief Shampoo - 1 GALLON

Item: IWM010499
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This item is currently on MANUFACTURE BACKORDER. We recommend tryingVita-Soothe, Dermal Soothe, Hot Spot Itch Relief Shampoo, Cortisoothe or please call 1-800-889-8967 for availability.

RELIEF™ Shampoo incorporates colloidal oatmeal , which soothes the aggravating effects of itching discomfort, and pramoxine hydrochloride, 1%, a clinically proven, safe, effective, topical agent for the relief of itching. The formulation is complemented with omega-6 fatty acids for their dermal renourishing effects and is delivered in a soap-free, cosmetically pleasing, cleansing system.

Indications: RELIEF™ Shampoo has been formulated to provide the temporary relief of pruritis (itching discomfort).

Dosage and Administration: Shake well before each use. Wet the coat thoroughly. Apply a sufficient amount of RELIEF™ Shampoo to lather well into the coat. When the entire coat is treated, allow to stand for 5-10 minutes. The contact time is important for optimal antipruritic benefits. Then rinse thoroughly with water. RELIEF™ Shampoo may be used as often as necessary, or as directed by a veterinarian.

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