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Remedy+Recovery Styptic Powder

Cardinal Laboratories Remedy & Recovery Styptic Powder provides a powerful tool for stopping bleeding in cats, dogs and birds. This stypic powder is easy to use and can be applied directly to minor or superficial wounds. The powder can also be applied with a pre-moistened applicator for your convenience.

Cardinal Laboratories Remedy & Recovery Styptic Powder is ideal for healing the minor wounds caused by scratching, nail clipping, or hair trimming. This container includes 1.5 ounces of the powder, which was manufactured here in the United States. Keep your pet safe with the proper preparation and get this stypic powder today!

  • Styptic powder is suitable for a variety of pets including canine companions, cat companions and bird buddies.
  • Stops bleeding caused by superficial cuts and minor scrapes from clipping nails and wings to nicks from grooming.
  • The dry powder clots blood on contact and works within seconds to stop your buddy from bleeding.
  • Alcohol-free free formula prevents unnecessary stinging so that your furry friend is comfortable.
  • Styptic powder is the perfect addition to any pet parent’s grooming kit or pet care tool kit.
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