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Rocky (2/09/09)

Name: Rocky
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Submitted by:
Carolyn C.
Name: California


Likes and Dislikes: Rocky likes his small plastic balls best, out of all his toys, and totally dislikes cats. He loves his buddies, Johnny, a terrier mix, and Maggie Mae, a Westhighland Terrier.

Favorite Trick: Plays 'hide and seek' , he'll run through the house and hide behind chairs or under the kitchen table, and sneak up on you if you act like you don't see him. Rocky is 9 years old now, and has ruled our household since he was 10 weeks old. He's my first 'small' dog and has a personality like no other dog I've ever had. He's very smart, loves taking walks, has never been left in a kennel, or at anyones home when we travel, he always goes with us. Rocky is definitely part of our family, more like our 'son'. He has both my husband and I, wrapped around his little paws.

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