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Roxie (10/26/09)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week winner
Name: Roxie
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Kristen M.
Location: Houston, TX

Roxie is a three year old shepherd mix rescued from Citizen’s for Animal Protection in Houston, Texas. She is such high energy, that she was having trouble getting adopted. She was tested for the Gifted Animal Placement (GAP) and passed with flying colors. GAP goes into shelters and tests dogs that might be hard adopts to see if they will make good service dogs. Once Roxie came to live with me, I let her settle into my home for about two weeks. When we began narcotic training, she alerted on three different types of narcotics the very first day. She is a natural service dog.

She is now not only the lead investigator for my company, Confido Searches, but she is also the mascot. If a parent thinks that their child is experimenting with drugs, Roxie will search their home and vehicles to either confirm or deny their suspicions. That way, the parents can get their child the help that he or she may need. Now that Roxie has been rescued, she rescues others in return. She is truly an inspiration!!

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