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Safari Cat Comb

Item: W563
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The SafariŽ Cat Comb is the ideal tool for grooming any cat. This comb works to reduce shedding and works for both long-haired and short-haired cat breeds. Using smooth, rounded teeth- this tool works to reduce shedding by penetrating deep into your feline's fur and collecting loose hair from the upper layers of their coat.

The Safari Cat Comb is is ideal for keeping your cat's coat soft and clean and can be used on sensitive areas like behind the ears, the base of the tail, under the legs, and the abdomen. The comb also features an ergonomic wooden handle that makes it easy to comfortably keep your cat's coat groomed and healthy. Reduce shedding and hairballs and keep your cat's coat healthy with this versatile cat comb today!

Key Features:
  • Uses smooth, rounded teeth to reduce shedding
  • Ideal for long and shorthaired cat breeds
  • Safe for sensitive areas
  • Useful Information

    Directions: Be sure to comb areas behind the ears, base of tail, under legs and the abdomen, which can easily mat. For best results, groom longhaired cats daily; shorthaired at least once a week.

    Dimensions: 6⅞" x ½" x 1¼".

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