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Safari Flea Comb

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Fleas can prove to be menacing threat to deal with if left unattended. A lot of pet owners fail to detect the early signs and only discover the problem when it turns into a serious infestation. This is why vets often advice pet parents to use a flea comb and time to time check their pets for fleas. A good quality flea comb like the Safari catches the tiny fleas and eggs in its fine teeth making detection easy. Safari flea comb also provides a non-toxic way of getting rid of fleas from your pet's fur.
The Safari Flea Comb is made especially for cats. This simple tool deserves a spot in any cat grooming kit. Apart from combing out fleas and eggs, the tool can also be used to remove dust and debris from the fur. It also works well to separate the thick fur, which makes it easier to detect skin problems. The Safari Flea Comb has a sturdy construction and it comes with an easy-grip handle and a hanging hole. Overall, the Safari comb is a great solution for pet parents who donít want to apply chemical-laden anti-flea products on their petís fur.

The Safari Flea Comb is one of many great products available at EntirelyPets. We are dedicated to bringing you a great selection of high-quality pet care products that matches your petís unique needs. Go ahead and drive out the pestering fleas and relive your pet from the itchy discomfort by using the Safari Flea Comb for cats.

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