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Samson (11/9/09)

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week winner
Name: Samson
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Kimberly H.
Location: Branchburg, NJ

Samson is a shepherd mix and we live in the beautiful town of Branchburg New Jersey. We rescued Samson from a rescue group called Lifeline, which they rescue dogs from shelters and foster them out in homes until they are ready for adoption! The day I saw Sammie (for short) he was running a fever due to being so nervous and wouldn’t even walk on his own due to being so scared! After about a month of working with him day and night, he is now my best friend. He has had a few issues since we got him, such as his fear of men and new people, (now I cant get him to leave everybody alone!), his "allergies" which we now have figured out after months of trying different foods is actually Demodeptic Mange (now hes my Mangy Lil Mutt), and his ever so wonderufl skin infections and ear infections due to the mange. Well, besides all that, he is still the happiest little man.

He loves playing with his tennis balls and due to him not being allowed to have raw hides because we thought he had allergies, he is now completely obsessed with these NylaBones... In fact I will enclose a picture of his weapon he has made out of it! I keep telling my boyfriend to watch out, that he wants me all to himself hahah!! Samson LOVEs giving his paw also... He thinks to get anything he wants he just has to give his paw. We could be watching TV on the couch and he is just randomly putting his paw up in the air for anything form wanting a treat to playtime.

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