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Scotty (12/7/09)

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week winner
Name: Scotty
Breed: Cairn Terrier Mix
Submitted by: Nancy L.
Location: New Jersey

Scotty is a rescue from Texas, where he had been hit by a truck on an interstate before being brought to a kill shelter. He had such a wonderful personality that they called the Cairn rescue, which came to get him and found him a new home. He was caravanned up to NJ, where he has lived for 8 years. He had obviously been abused, as loud noises and quick movements caused him to cringe and dive to the floor. It didn't take him long to realize that he would only be loved in his new home, and he became an amazing family member. In his younger years he visited a local nursing home and gave love to the residents there. He had an innate ability to know to be peaceful and gentle with the residents, and sit quietly in wheel chairs or on their beds and get his pats and scratches. One of his many nicknames is "Dr. Dog" because he always knows when a family member doesn't feel well, and snuggles and stays by them to "take care of them" until they are well again. In 2008, Scotty was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. He had not shown any symptoms until a cough started 2 weeks before diagnosis. After having an orange-sized tumor and part of the lung it was in removed from his tiny 20 lb. body, he went through 14 weeks of chemotherapy. This tough little terrier has been cancer free for a year now, and is feeling like a puppy, off chasing bunnies and other critters again!

Scotty loves his Dingo Aussie Beefy &Cheesy Wraps and enjoys chasing "Critters", Sleeping in the sun, and snuggling in bed with us in the morning. At a finger pointed like a gun and the word "bang!" and he rolls over and plays dead... Too Cute!

Skinneeez Glyco Flex III Rita Ball
Skinneeez Toys Dingo Aussie Beefy & Cheesy Wraps Rita Ball


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