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Tired of dealing with sticky residue from topical flea and tick treatments? These spot-on treatments are messy and there are always those dogs who try to lick the medication off! Let’s try oral treatments for our dogs and cats instead! Sentry Capguard is a flea treatment that you can feed to your pet by hand or hide it in their food to kill fleas without the extra mess. This oral medication comes in convenient easy-to-dose tablets that begin to work within just 30 minutes after ingestion for fast relief from an infestation.

This effective medication utilizes nitenpyram, a veterinarian-recommended substance to use for flea control on pets, as the sole active ingredient. How does nitenpyram work? This insecticide is a neurotoxin that works by blocking transmissions of the central nervous system. Neural messages are essential for normal function and thus blocking them will ultimately cause rapid death in insects. After your pet is given a tablet, nitenpyram begins to make its way into the bloodstream as quickly as within 30 minutes. This will poison the insects’ food source, killing them when they decide to take a bite out of your furry friend. The medication remains effective on your pet for 24-48 hours to continue killing adult fleas!

You may be wondering how to prevent reinfestation at this point. Fleas lay eggs, lots of them. Sentry Capguard takes care of the current infesting adult fleas and stops them from reproducing to give you and your pet fast and quick relief from itching bites. This medication can safely be used in conjunction with another flea and tick treatment that will kill flea eggs and larvae as well. It’s recommended to use another treatment alongside Sentry Capguard to kill the next generation of fleas. By doing so, you will be sure to prevent reinfestations, keeping your animal companion protected and itch-free!

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