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Sentry Tick Remover

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Your pet trusts you to take action whenever they are in discomfort. Ticks are a great nuisance that can cause nasty skin rashes and immense itchiness. Ticks are also carriers of bacteria and other pathogens which can cause deadly diseases. One of the many challenges pet parents face is to remove a tick after they spot one. Detaching a tick by hand is not only unsanitary but it can dismember the tick’s head and leave it embedded on the skin. The best way to stay clear of this messy affair is by investing in a quality tick removal tool. We say ‘investing’ because unlike tick shampoos and sprays, removal tools do not deplete and it provides the cheapest way of dealing with an infestation.
Sentry Tick Remover is a great tool that delivers exactly what it promises. It removes the ticks completely without their heads remaining attached to your pet’s skin. Its genius design helps you get a firm grip before you detach ticks with much ease and comfort. Use the Sentry Tick Remover to grab the tick. Once the tool gets a firm grip on the bug, you need to slowly turn the tool till the tick detaches. Read the directions of use on the box for detailed instructions. We also encourage you to disinfect the tool after use.

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