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Shiska (8/31/09)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week winner
Name: Shiska
Breed: German Rottweiler
Submitted by:Jamie Potts
Location: Summer Shade, KY

This is Shiska Garrot Vonzane. She is a German Rottweiler. She is 11/2 yrs old and the biggest baby anyone has ever seen. She is on daily Pet-Tabs and Sentinel Heartworm tablets.

Shiska loves everyone and rarely meets a stranger. She talks to people in her own little ways. She loves to eat Gravy Train. Her favorite treat is Pig ears and Woofers cookies. She also likes her special treats of neck bones and boiled chicken that she gets on occasion.

Shiska loves all of her toys, I don't really know if she has a favorite. She has so many. She is so spoiled rotten. When we tell her to say please for a treat, instead of barking, she bows down. It is so cute.

When we go to bed at night, she always hops in bed first. Most of the time, she will move over, but alot of times, we just sleep around her.

She is a very big part of our family. We also have 2 other Rottis, Saidi and Zuka. They are just as special.

Pet Tabs Pig Ears
Pet-Tabs Pig Ears


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