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Simba (12/28/09)

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week winner
Name: Simba
Breed: Welsh Corgi
Submitted by: Nick Q.
Location: San Jose, CA

Simba is our energetic Welsh Corgi that loves attention from everyone, especially his master. This dog just loves having company over and is willing to play all day long.

Simba is still a little rough around the edges as he's still young and curious, but wave a BONIES treat in his face and he'll do anything for you! When it comes to toys, he loves chasing his Jed ball (espeically if it has a treat in it). He simply goes stir wild trying to grab the ball while it bounces eractically in all directions.

Simply Wild Treats Joint Treats Jed Ball
Simply Wild Natural Treats Joint Treats Jed Ball


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