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Simple Solution Pee Post

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Train your dog to go in one spot in the yard

Treated with a pheromone scent that encourages pets to eliminate in a specific area of your yard. Simple Solution Pee Post - Pheromone Treated Yard Stake
Treated with a pheromone scent that encourages pets to eliminate in a specific area of your yard. Pee Post™ helps maintain your lawn, makes clean-up easier, and aids in housetraining your pet.

  • Gives pets a designated area to pee
  • No more urine wreaking havoc on your garden
  • Scientifically formulated attractant
  • Begins work in just a few days
  • Bright yellow color
  • Helps maintain your lawn

    Usage instructions: Remove Pee Post from its package. Choose a location in your yard where you would like your pet to do his business. The area should be quiet and grassy, away from your pet's food and water. While your pet is inside your house (so he doesn't associate Pee Post with a startling hammering noise), gently hammer on the top rounded portion of the stake until it is approximately 4" to 5" into the ground. Once Pee Post is in the ground, bring your pet back outside, preferably after eating or drinking. Lead your pet to Pee Post, and let him sniff the area. With great enthusiasm, praise him after he performs. If he does not perform, do not scold him, but continue to bring him back to Pee Post whenever you anticipate he may need "to go." Continue this process until your pet consistently eliminates next to Pee Post.

    Training timeline: Pets who have not established their marking patterns are the easiest to train. In most instances, male dogs will instinctively mark the area and will require little training. Female dogs may need more direction and reinforcement, but following the directions above, even female dogs can be trained to use Pee Post within a short period of time.
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