Simply Wild Dog Treats

Looking for a delicious treat to give your pup? Simply Wild Lil’ Crunchers are 100% natural dog treats that embody the great outdoors. The snowy peaks of the Rockies, the lush greenery of the Smoky Mountains, and the poetic beauty of the Grand Canyon inspired the creation of these treats. Let them inspire you and your canine to go out and adventure!

In the Simply Wild philosophy, less is more. Less ingredients gives your dog more of the natural flavor he or she loves. Simply Wild ingredients are sourced from North America and combine into delectable recipes Mother Nature would be proud of.

Sticking to that philosophy, Simply Wild Lil’ Crunchers are oven-baked, corn-free, and soy-free. This natural goodness comes in multiple flavors to cater to every canine’s unique taste.

Lil’ Crunchers treats are irresistible to dogs of all ages and breeds. Give your pup a taste of the wild with Simply Wild Lil’ Crunchers by Green Pet Organics!

Simply Wild Lil' Crunchers

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