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Cold Weather Skin & Coat Care

Cold Weather Skin & Coat Care

Across the country we are experiencing cold weather, so dogs and cats are looking to stay warm. You may notice your pet's dog coat or cat fur is getting a little thicker than normal. During the winter months, pets typically do not shed as much. Therefore, proper skin and coat care becomes essential during this time period. Dog skin becomes flakey and dry because of the lack of moisture in the air along with added indoor heat to stay warm. This can occur with cat skin as well. So, EntirelyPets is here to help. Below is a list of necessary products that will benefit your dog or cat during cold weather.


Moisturize, cleanse, and get back that luster your cat and dog coat should have. These shampoos contain the right ingredients to maintain healthy cat and dog skin along with beautiful cat and dog fur. Try them out and see for yourself!

Skin & Coat Supplements

Try the inside-out approach to skin and coat care with supplements that are great for overall health. All natural ingredients will work towards a radiant coat and healthy skin.


Food & Treats

Cold Weather Skin & Coat Care
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