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Skippy (5/24/10)

Pet of the Week

Skippy ("Sargeant")

Breed  Beagle Mix    
Location  Greensboro, NC    
Human  Debbie P.n

I volunteer at our local Animal Shelter and had walked "Sargeant" every time I was there. I was drawn to him but didn't know why. While doing a Rabies Clinic at the Shelter on a Saturday with my friend Sheila, I kept telling her how I was drawn to him but couldn't quite afford a dog at that time. Five days later I adopted him with no clue how I was going to pay for all his care, food, etc.

The next day I took him to the vet for a checkup, he was "Positive" for heartworm. When the Shelter tested him for heartworm, his results were negative so the Shelter was unaware he had heartworm. This can happen prior to the heartworms becoming large enough to be detected which is what happened to Skippy.

The Shelter assisted with his treatment and 2 years later, I still have him. The Shelter would have put him down when the heartworm was discovered because it would have been too far along.

It was also obvious by his behavior that he was abused and neglected. He has come a long way with his eating (he actually eats now as opposed to not eating all day when he first came home). He's a loving and playful dog. I feel so honored that I was able to adopt him. And good news, there doesn't appear to be a lot of damage to his heart.

One of his favorite toys is his stuffed alligator. It is green and white and he will search through his toys for it. He also loves most stuffed squeaky toys. He does not like rubber or hard toys. He will play with a tennis ball sometimes. His favorite treat is chicken jerky. When he first came home, he didn't eat any treats or much food. After working with him for six months he started to eat on a regular basis and likes wet food best. He will eat some dry food but not much. His favorite friend is Sprocket our neighbor. They play football and just have a great time together. Lucky, my daughter's dog is also a favorite friend of his and we go for walks together.

He likes to smile now, and doesn't look sad any more.

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