Skunk Free (12 fl. oz)
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Skunk Free (12 fl. oz)

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Skunk Free (12 fl. oz) by. Earth's Balance
is an odorless probiotic solution to help eliminate, not mask, offensive odors. The microbes in it break down and digest the micro-biotic matter in skunk spray. It is safe for dogs or cats of all sizes and won't bother their eyes or ears. Removing the skunk odor from your pet can be quite challenging. Many people have tried masking the skunk odor with perfumes and shampoos, but this rarely works since both the cover-up odor as well as the skunk odor can still be detected. There are several chemical methods for removing or reducing odor: neutralizing the odor, bonding the odor particles and absorbing the odor. Neutralization works by combining two odors to create a third odor that is weaker in intensity and more pleasant, but still there! Bonding works by temporarily changing the chemical structure of the odor particles. Unfortunately, this effect doesn't last! ***Why tomato juice is believed to eliminate skunk odor. Bathing an ani

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