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Meet Snowy: The Little Dog With An Enormous Heart!

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Breed Unknown
Location United States
Human Priya
Story Snowy was only 2 years old when he sensed I was pregnant with twin girls. He used to follow me everywhere I would go and slept over my pregnant belly. Even after the girls were born, he was very affectionate with his sisters. He even comes running and jumping to convey that the babies are crying. The love he has and the protectiveness he showed was surprising.
When the girls were growing, he never allowed any strangers to talk very close to them or touch them. This small dog with a big heart amuses everyone in our neighborhood.
In this picture he’s dressed as ’butterfly on the bush’ . He’s wearing a completely hand made costume which took more than a month to design. Also, Snowy was very co-operative and patient every time I tried the costume on him. He’s our little super star. He’s the most obedient, soft, patient dog I’ve ever seen. He waits patiently at home even if we leave him for a whole day. He stays near the window and keeps thinking of us until we return. He’s potty trained and does few tricks too. Whether it is just 5 minutes or 5 hours, the excitement he shows and the way of welcome he provides when we return home is priceless. He thinks he is a human and always wants to be around group conversations and to sleep over our heads :-).
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