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Sophie 8/20/14

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Cocker Spaniel
Location:Roanoke, VA
OwnerMaria Hirsche
This is our now 11 month old Cocker Spaniel, Sophie. Our family lost our 11 year old Golden Retriever and our 12 year old cat last year within a three month time span. It was so depressing in our home without our furry family members. Deciding that we desperately needed some joy in our lives, I found Sophie from a breeder and my children and I fell in love with he from first sight. My husband reluctantly agreed to let us get her. He was not ready to bring in a new pet. When we brought Sophie home, she immediately latched onto my husband. Within a day, he was smitten and she is now his best buddy. We miss our other pets, but Sophie has helped bring happiness back to our home.

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