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Spot Spotter HD UV Urine Detector

Item: BR11396-2P
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A Sure Way to Find Urine Spots

The Spot Spotter HD UV Urine Detector is designed like a flashlight.

To use this device, trace spots on your floor that may be undetectable by moving the detector along the floor. This will help you find the source of unattractive smells in the home and make them easier to remove.

Finding urine spots on your carpet can be difficult and Simple Solution has the technology you need to remove spots easier. Walking around your home puzzled as to where the waste odor is coming from will be a thing of the past.


  • Battery powered with AAA batteries, comes with three
  • Urine spots are easily found by making them glow
  • Easy to use
  • Goes straight to the source of the odor
  • Powered by 21 LEDS
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