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Squirrely Sue (1/1/05)

Name: Squirrely Sue Submitted by: Porkchop
Location: Clinton, S.C.

"It's hard to type when you have a squirrel trying
to walk on your keyboard."

About: "I got Squirrely Sue when her mother was
killed by the neighbor's mean little boy. She came
out of the tree wanting someone to love her. She
was very hungry and looking for her mom. I got her
and bottle fed her and raised her to be the best
pet that anyone could ever have. I couldn't release
her because she had fallen out of the tree and
busted her top teeth out so she has no top teeth
at all. She can't crack nuts on her own, that's why
I couldn't let her go."

Likes: French fries

Dislikes: "Getting a bath. When she gets a bath she
gets mad at me and will hide in her blanket for hours."

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