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Stone Healing

If we believe dogs can readily respond to the thing we think, what does that say about their capacity to understand other things about their world and ours? We believe this speaks to us about our own responsibility to provide our pets with a balanced lifestyle.

The holistic approach to health and well-being primarily is to comfort our pet by facilitating in a way that does not interfere with their own body's natural healing process. Your pet's vital life energy needs to be vibrant and strong. When this is addressed, your pet will thrive because his own healing abilities will be enhanced. We believe in the possibility that along with many of nature's gifts, stones and crystals can be utilized.

Revered by ancient cultures, stones and minerals are presently being used in advanced technologies and how to general population worldwide is rediscovering their power. There are many variables when interpreting a stones's benefit to your pet. As these are stones, we must emphasize that it should not be assumed that one stone of a specific mineralogy will have the same effect on every pet. The descriptions of the stones presented here are the most common benefits to our animals. Overall our animals respond quickly to the natural balancing and transformative properties of the stones.
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