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Stratford Dental Spray

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Stratford Dental Spray is an easy way to reduce tartar and plaque by controlling the bacteria that causes them. This dental spray is formulated to work in both dogs and cats with a variety of oils and extracts that support dental health. By eliminating bacteria, this dental spray also eliminates bad breath. To ensure that it is safe for your animals, it uses only all-natural ingredients of a pristine quality that will provide optimal care for your pet's teeth and gums.

Stratford Dental Spray is flavored with a palatable peppermint taste to make sure that your pet will love the spray even as it cleans his teeth and gums. With 4 ounces of fluid in an easy to use spray bottle, maintaining your pet's dental health has never been so easy. For other dental maintenance products from Stratford, check out their Chlorhexidine Dental Wipes. Take care of your dog's teeth with an effective and easy-to-use solution, order Stratford Dental Spray today!

Key Features:
  • Safe for both cats and dogs
  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Fights plaque and tartar buildup
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