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Sweetwater Nutrition Breath-A-Chews (75 count)
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Sweetwater Nutrition Breath-A-Chews (75 count)

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Have you ever wanted to give your dog a breath mint? Well now you can! Along with regular visits to your vet for wellness check-ups, Breath-A-Chews is a great solution to help freshen bad dog breath, clean teeth and reduce both plaque and tarter, which will help cut down on bacteria that can cause bad breath in dogs.

Breath-A-Chews is made with all natural ingredients, including parsley seed oil (commonly used as a digestive aid and used to help improve breath), mint oil (instrumental in eliminating bad breath and aids in dental and gum health due to its antiseptic properties), activated charcoal (works by absorbing the toxicity of chemicals), digestive enzymes to assist in the proper digestion of food, and chlorophyll, which is effective in reducing bad breath. Plus, Breath-A-Chews is free of wheat, gluten, corn and soy, so they’re great for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

Breath-A-Chew Benefits Benefits:
  • Made with fresh peppermint oil, all natural parsley seed oil and digestive enzymes
  • Helps reduce plaque and decrease tarter formation
  • Great for dogs with bad breath
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