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Sweetwater Nutrition Hoof ReNu

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Soundness in the Horse begins with a healthy hoof. Hoof ReNu provides your horse with the ingredients he needs to grow strong hooves and a healthy mane and tail. While providing the amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins needed to support hoof health. Hoof ReNuís concentrated formula does not contain sugar, grains, additives or fillers.

Hoof ReNuís formula uses 50mg per serving of high-grade, purified biotin, which is vital to the growth of strong, healthy hooves. Research studies show that long-term, daily supplementation of biotin for horses hooves helps improve the growth rate and strength. While biotin is an essential ingredient to maintain healthy hoof growth in horses, biotin alone is not enough. In order to achieve maximum results Hoof ReNu combines biotin with other key nutrients such as lysine, tyrosine, zinc, copper, methionine and MSM, which are instrumental in restoring and maintaining strong, healthy hooves.

Use Hoof ReNu for dry, broken or cracked hooves, aid in repairing quarter cracks, eroding hoof walls, poor quality soles and frogs, or to build thicker hoof walls. A horseís hoof normally takes between 9 months to a year to re-grow, and the new healthy hoof grows from the coronary band downwards, so it is best to use Hoof ReNu daily over the course of several months to see the benefits of this or any hoof treatment.

  • Helps prevent dry, cracked hooves
  • Ingredients support strong, healthy hooves
  • Helps strengthen hoof walls and heels
  • Helps restore normal hoof growth
  • Helps hooves hold shoes longer
  • Powerful 50mg dose of biotin for horses
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