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Tara (4/19/10)

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week winner
Name: Tara
Breed: Sheltie
Submitted by: Sherri B.
Location: Painted Post, NY

Tara, a year and 4 month old Sheltie, is the "daughter" of Sherri B. from Painted Post, NY. She was named for the beloved Tara in "Gone With the Wind." Her human mother, an Aries Ram, got her when her fourteen year old Jack Russell became ill, as a transitional dog because she knew she would need a source of strength when her first beloved companion died. Scarlett O'Hara is the epitome of an Aries woman, and Tara was the source of her strength when she lost her daughter and Rhett.

Tara's favorite toy is a Plush Puppies squeaky opossum, with which she loves to play fetch. She is so smart she will retrieve this toy when told to go get her Ee-eee. It is a challenge to see who tires first from playing this game.

Tara's favorite treat is to receive a "peanut butter eggy", which is actually a hollow beef bone filled with all natural creamy peanut butter. She gets this treat when she allows mommy to brush her very lush coat of hair, which is so full it gets many tangles. This treat is well deserved.

Sheltie's are known to be very timid, and will usually bark at strangers. However, Tara loves people who own other dogs. Many times she is terrified of tiny dogs, but she loves to play with larger dogs such as Labs, & one of her favorite playmates is an Australian Shepherd.

Tara can jump from a complete standstill at the head of the sofa, the entire way over her prone owner, to get on the couch beside her at the foot of the sofa.

This picture was taken while camping and hiking Panther Mountain in Phoenicia, NY. As Shelties are sheep herders, they are very sure-footed. During this trip Tara hiked 3 miles up the mountain and 3 miles back down the mountain.

Despite the fact that Tara's doggy mother was only 20 pounds and her doggy father was 23 pounds, Tara is a larger (36 pounds) Sheltie known as a "throw-back." Originally Shelties were much larger, but because Americans love smaller dogs, what is normally known as a Sheltie today is on the smaller side, being bred to be about 25 pounds. Her instinct is very pronounced, as she loves to run circles around her mother, herding her. She also pokes her mother in the hip with her nose and sometimes even nips her in the butt, to get her to go where Tara thinks she should be walking.

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