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  6. Tear Stain Remover (8 oz) by Cardinal Labs

Tear Stain Remover (8 oz) by Cardinal Labs
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Tear Stain Remover (8 oz) by Cardinal Labs

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This item has been discontinued. Looking for an alternative? Try Optimex Anti-Tear Stain Remover!

Cardinal Pet Care is a division of Cardinal Laboratories Inc, a 100% solar powered company.Tear Stain Remover (8 oz) by Cardinal Labs for pretty and clean eyes, gently removes stains caused by excessive tearing in fur around the eyes. For best results, be consistent in use of the product over a period of time. The more often you clean, the better the results.

  • Gently cleans the tear stains from the fur around the eye.
  • Highlights the natural color of the coat.
  • Does not contain alcohol or bleach.

  • Useful Information

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Dogs & Cats

    Features and Benefits:

  • Stain Removal: while tearing is natural, ugly tear stains can be minimized with consistent cleansing of the fur and skin.
  • Conditioning: Tear Stain Remover has conditioners that soften the fur and add shine to the coat.
  • Because it does not contain alcohol or bleach, Tear Stain Remover is not drying or caustic.

    Directions: For Everyday Use: Moisten a small cloth with Tear Stain Remover and gently wipe over the stained area around the eyes. Then, gently wipe off with a clean dry cloth. Heavy stains may require additional use. Regular use will help discourage stains from recurring.

    Caution: Be careful not to get Tear Stain Remover in the eyes. If you accidentally get it in the eyes, flush with Clean Eyes liquid. It will not harm the eye, but will irritate the eye causing redness and discomfort.
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