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Teddy (04/07/06)

Teddy Submitted by: Nancy D.
Age: 17-month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi
About: Teddy is a typical puppy and loves to chase squirrels
and play frisbee.  I'm so glad I found the Combat Flying Calf
Dog Toy
.  Teddy LOVES it and it's the perfect size for a
smaller mouth.  Along with chasing squirrels, playing with
the water hose and disemboweling every stuffed toy he has,
he's one busy dog.  He's a sweet little boy who loves to
snuggle and give kisses. We wouldn't know what we would
do without him.

Likes: Walks, frisbee, chasing water, shredding paper.

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners, dustmops, weedwhackers, baths.

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