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Thomas Labs Hot Pick Spray

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Hot Pick is an easy-to-apply spray that uses a special formula of soap, spices, and flavoring to help deter birds from picking, plucking, and over-preening their feathers.

Even birds can get an itch that they just canít scratch. They work at it and work at it but it just doesnít want to give, and by the time theyíre done, their feathers are a mess! Feather picking is common in birds, and itís usually a healthy process that helps birds keep their plumage clean. However, when birds are over-picking, or picking at an unusually high rate, it can be dangerous and even deadly! By over-picking their plumage, birds can open themselves up to dangerous health concerns.

Thankfully, Hot Pick from Thomas Labs, a combination of natural herbs and hot spices, can be easily applied to your bird to help deter feather plucking and picking. It helps teach birds not to over-preen, plus it helps deter them from over-preening there in the future. All pets need a little help with training now and again, and Thomas Labs makes it easy with Hot Pick. A quick little spray here and there and youíve given your feathered friend the support he needs to start getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Helps Deter Feather Plucking and Picking
  • Uses a Special Formula of Soap, Spices, and Flavoring
  • Keeps Your Birdís Feathers Beautiful
  • Comes in an Easy-to-Use Spray
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