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Thomas Pet Stool Eating Deterrent

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Stop Stool Eating is a formula aimed at reducing body, stool, and breath odor; excessive gas; stool eating; and loose stool. By changing the taste and texture of the stool, it helps deter dogs from eating their own waste.

There are some things that dogs just do, despite the best efforts of their loving owners. This may include anything from chasing squirrels, to barking at mailmen, to eating their own poop. That last one, in particular, is something that all owners try to discourage, but sometimes you just need a little help. Thatís where Stop Stool Eating from Thomas Labs come in. These tablets contain ingredients that will change the taste and texture of your dogís waste, making it more unpleasant for him to eat. As an added benefit, these tablets also work to support the digestive process and the digestive tract. If youíre looking to put an end to unpleasant habits and to support your dogís digestion, Stop Stool Eating is the best choice for your furry friendís health and happiness.

  • Helps Deter Dogs From Eating Their Own Poop
  • Helps Reduce Breath Odor and Excessive Gas in Dogs
  • Supports the Digestive Process and Tract
  • Comes in Easy-to-Administer Tablets
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