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ThunderEase for Cats - Calming Spray (60 ml)

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ThunderEase for Cats - Cats mark their territory by rubbing their face on things like furniture, plants, and even you. These pheromones help cats get to know their environment better as well as helping them feel more stable in their home. ThunderEase replicates natural feline facial pheromones for a drug-free, vet-recommended, calming solution that puts an end to unwanted behaviors like scratching and spraying.

  • Scratching.
  • Travel anxiety such as vomiting, urinating, defecating, meowing, agitation, and salivation.
  • Stress when visiting the vet.
  • Anxiety when boarding.
  • Uneasiness in a new home or environment.
  • Stress caused by changes in the environment like new furniture or remodeling.
  • New pets in the home.
  • Recurrent feline idiopathic cystitis.

  • Box contains:
  • Calming Spray Bottle (60 ml)
  • Ingredients

    Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromone - 10%
    Isoparaffinic q.s - 60ml

    Useful Information

    The Effect of ThunderEase Spray lasts 4-5 hours. Each 60 ml bottle delivers about 50 applications(+/-8 Sprays/use)

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