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Tick SR Tick Remover

Some pet parents prefer to manually pick and remove ticks off their pet's bodies. Even though this approach takes a longer time and more effort it does not involve spraying chemicals on the pet's coat. Experienced pet parents know to use quality tick remover products to manually remove the ticks from their pet's fur. Tick SR Tick Remover is a series of products that promises to help you safely remove ticks. The remover solution encourages the ticks to detach from your pet's skin.

This is an important step because detaching a tick by force can cause its head to remain embedded in your pet's skin. Once the ticks detach themselves, it's really easy to use the Tick SR wipes to gently wipe them off your pet's body. Using this method you can search and remove ticks from hard to reach places such as underneath the paws and crevices of the ears.

Tick SR removal products are not only safe for pets but also humans. Touching the ticks with their bare hands make humans become susceptible to dangerous conditions such as Lyme disease. Using the solution and wipe helps you neatly and safely remove ticks without having to touch them. Pet parents often prefer to buy Tick SR tick removal products along with their regular sprays as it helps them pick off rogue ticks wherever they find them.

Launch a search and destroy mission against the ticks today by ordering Tick SR Tick Remover solution and wipes from Entirely Pets.
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