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KONG Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11") Video

KONG Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")

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Kong Kickeroo Wrestling Catnip Toy (11") Tiger Pattern is filled with generous amounts of potent, North America catnip. The Kickeroo is designed to promote realistic wrestling and hind-paw kicking. With an ultra-soft exterior, cats love to curl up with the Kickeroo when playtime is through. The fluffy tail provides movement for extra excitement. Don't be surprised if the Kickeroo becomes your cat's favorite toy.

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Useful Information

KONG Kickeroo Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) How do cats play with the Kickeroo?

A) Cats who react to catnip are instantly attracted to the Kickeroo because of the generous portion of catnip contained in the filling. Common ways that cats play with the toy include wrestling, holding, and kicking. They may also nip, cuddle, or rest on the Kickeroo. Even cats that lack sensitivity to catnip typically play with the toy, as they see it as an object of prey due to its shape and realistic tail. Cat owners can also dangle the toy in front of the cat for interactive play.

Q) Can I clean my Kickeroo?

A) As with any toy that includes catnip, it is highly recommended that you do not immerse the Kickeroo in water as the catnip will become saturated and lose its effectiveness. Cat owners may spot-clean the toy by wiping with a damp cloth. However, cats seem to prefer a Kickeroo that has been well played with, and it is not usually necessary to clean the toy.

Q) Does the Kickeroo have a certain life span?

A) It depends greatly on the amount of time your cat plays with the Kickeroo; however, the toy is generally durable and can last a long time. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest replacing the Kickeroo after several months, or spraying with KONG’s catnip spray to rejuvenate the toy.

Q) Is the Kickeroo too large for some cats?

A) Our extensive testing leads us to believe that the Kickeroo is sized appropriately for adult cats; and even kittens showed an interest in playing with the toy. The Kickeroo is sized to encourage wrestling and hind-paw kicking, appealing to the natural hunting instincts of cats.

Q) What sets the Kickeroo apart from other cat toys?

A) There is a lot more catnip included in the Kickeroo than in the typical cat toy, and the catnip is of the highest quality, grown in North America. The design and shape of the toy attract interest as well, and some cats alternate between wrestling with the toy and just resting quietly with it.

Q) What if my cat is not sensitive to catnip?

A) While the catnip is included for extra enjoyment, cats are often attracted to the Kickeroo simply due to its size, shape, and construction. You may want to try this toy with a cat who does not react to catnip to encourage beneficial exercise. Because of its large size, you can also hold on to one end of the Kickeroo while teasing your cat with the tail end, making for a fun interactive play session.

Q) Does the Kickeroo come in different sizes?

A) Currently the KONG Kickeroo is available in one size and three patterns.

Customer Reviews

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By Odell195
Liberty, SC
Too big for a cat
August 5, 2015
My big ol' tomcat was actually scared of this toy because it is almost as big as him. Wasn't expecting that. I ended up cutting it in half and sewing the ends to make two toys, one with a tail.
By Pete
Dink's favorite
December 5, 2011
My dog Dink loves all of his Kong plush animals, but this one is his favorite.
By Angela T.
Save your arms!
September 24, 2010
My cats love this toy as a replacement for attacking forearms or legs.
Sometimes we engage play with the kickeroo by simple dragging it along the floor.
Most times, one of the cats will get all wound up and try to "hug" one of us so they can get that back foot action going on while biting, at which time a people part is quickly replaced by the kickeroo to save on bandaids!
Works like a charm. They love having something this big to kick, claw, and chomp on all at the same time. I think it makes them feel powerful or something.
By Peyton
Great cat toy
July 4, 2009
My kitty loves this toy. She plays and sleeps with it every day.

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