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Tissumend II Synthetic Tissue Adhesive (6 ct)
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Tissumend II Synthetic Tissue Adhesive (6 ct)

Item: IWM026475
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This item is currently on MANUFACTURE BACKORDER. Please try Meridian Surgi-Lock 2oc Instant Tissue Adhesive We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tissumend II by VPL, is a Synthetic Tissue Adhesive. Tissumend II Sterile is indicated for the closure of surgical wounds, internal tissue closure, incision sites, hemostasis and laser surgical procedures. Tissumend II Sterile can also be used for declaws, tail dockings, and debrided traumatic wounds.

Tissumend II Sterile has the following advantages over current cyanoacrylate adhesives: Can be used for both internal and external tissue closure. Is absorbed via hydrolysis. Has reduced exothermic properties upon polymerizing resulting in reduced cytotoxicity and enhanced tissue acceptance. Forms an exceptional adhesive joint that is favorably compliant with tissue and Is delivered in a surgeon-friendly package.

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