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Toxiban Granules (1 Pound)

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ToxiBan® Charcoal-Kaolin Suspension is an absorbent of orally ingested toxicants. It contains 10.4% charcoal and 3.25% kaolin in an aqueous base. The charcoal acts by absorbing and inactivating organic toxicants. The kaolin helps protect the intestines by lining them to prevent future absorption of GI toxins.

  • Intended for use as an adsorbent of orally ingested toxicants
  • ToxiBan Suspension should be used with atropine sulfate for organophosphates and carbamates
  • Effectively adsorbs alkaloids (strychnine), organochlorine, organophosphate and carbamate insecticides
  • May be useful in treating ethylene glycol (antifreeze) poisoning
  • Administered to prevent false positive reactions
  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: Per ML
    MedChar™ (Activated charcoal) 100.0 mg
    Sorbitol Solution, USP 100.0 mg
    Kaolin 62.5 mg

    Useful Information

    Toxiban Granules should be administered as soon as the ingestion of a toxicant is suspected or at the onset of symptoms. In the case of a diagnostic error, no ill effects will occur from treatment. Initiate symptomatic systemic treatment, such as anticholinergic drugs or anesthetics if indicated, before administering Toxiban.

    Large Animals The recommended dosage is 0.75 to 2.0 grams per kg (0.35 to 0.9 grams per lb) body weight. One pound (454 grams) will normally treat an animal weighing 225 to 600 kg (500 to 1300 lbs). Make a suspension by mixing one part of Toxiban Granules with 5 to 7 parts (volume/volume measures) of cold water. Shake or stir vigorously for 10 seconds. Under the direction of a veterinarian administer into stomach or rumen, preferably through a stomach tube and funnel or stomach pump. Rinse container and dosing equipment with cold water before removing the stomach tube.

    Small Animals The recommended dose is 2 to 4 grams per kg (1 to 2 grams per lb) body weight. Mix measured dose of Toxiban Granules with 5 to 7 parts of cold water and mix vigorously for 10 seconds to produce a suspension. Give orally by causing the animal to drink the calculated dose. Consult a veterinarian should administration by a stomach tube be needed. Toxiban Suspension or Toxiban Suspension with Sorbitol may be more convenient for use in small animals.

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