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The Ultimate Premium Litter

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Ultimate Cat & Kitten Litter is a specially formulated silica litter for cats and kittens that has the following advantages over traditional litters.

  • Absorbs liquids and odors instantly
  • Liquid evaporates leaving the odor trapped inside
  • Solids are quickly dehydrated and deprived of their smell
  • Safe for the environment, Naturally Decomposes
  • Litter stays dry and thus inhibits bacteria
  • No clumping so no throw away
  • Soft and gentle

  • One bag should last an average cat approximately one month. The Ultimate Cat and Kitten Litter is simplicity itself. Place a layer of about 1.5 of litter in the bottom of a clean litter box. After use, the litter will appear to clump. This is only temporary, for when your cat or kitten scratches the surface of the litter, this will dispense the clump allowing the moisture to spread evenly among the other micro granules.

    A 4 pound bag should last a healthy 8 pound cat for a month. The only maintenance during this time is to regularly remove the solids with a scoop and stir the granules to evenly disperse the usage and prevent hot spots. When the crystals appear yellow throughout, then you should dispose of the entire contents, clean and refill the litter box with new Ultimate Cat & Kitten Litter.

    Because the granules are naturally degradable, they can be disposed of safely in the garden or on the compost heap where, with time and moisture, they will revert to their natural constituents, silica and sand.

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