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Ultra Paws Wound Boot - Large

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Ultra Paws Wound Boot keeps your pet's wounds clean and dry while they're healing. The elastic sides expand for easy fastening and the closures keep the boot secure on the bandage or cast. This boot is made with a breathable mesh fabric to avoid trapped moisture! It is guaranteed to stay on as long as you make sure to use the included wrap cover when going outdoors. Your pet will have a fast and smooth recovery with this boot!
  • Made with breathable fabric to keep wound dry
  • Spandex sides allow for different healing stages and bandage
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Improves healing
  • Includes 1 wrap cover for outdoor use

Useful Information

General Information:
  • Use instructions are printed on the back of this card.
  • Elastic sides are designed to expand the boot.
  • The non-skid sole provides traction indoors and for limited use outdoors. (Other Ultra Paws boots are intended for broader use outdoors.)
  • A lightweight, water resistant, disposable Wrap is included for short trips outside. (Additional Wraps are available for purchase in packs of four).
  • Some dogs may try to lick or chew on the Boot and we recommend a product such as bitter apple spray to reduce this behavior.
  • This Boot is not for dogs that may drag their paws, and please keep your dog's nails trimmed to avoid puncture.
Ultra Care Instructions:
  • Close straps around the boot. Machine wash, delicate cycle, low temperature or lay flat to dry.
  • To avoid the possibility of transferring germs and the risk of infection, this Boot is recommended for treatment of one wound event only.
Wound Boot Sizing:
Measure the width of the paw to determine the best fit and consider bandages or a cast. Remember that sides will expand.
  • Petite - Height 3"/7.6 cm, Width 1.5"/3.8 cm
  • XS - Height 4"/10 cm, Width 1.75"/4.5 cm
  • S - Height 5.5"/14 cm, Width 2.5"/6.3 cm
  • M - Height 7"/18 cm, Width 3.25"/8.3 cm
  • XL - Height 8"/20 cm, Width 4"/10.2 cm

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