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Vet Nutrition DOGtorRx Natural Supplement for Dogs, 60 tablets Video

Vet Nutrition DOGtorRx Natural Supplement for Dogs, 60 tablets

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Vet Nutrition DOGtorRx Natural Supplement for Dogs is a natural supplement to support geriatric dogs with age-related symptoms, & for all other dogs including working dogs for healthy joints, ligaments, mobility, skin, hair, excessive shedding & post surgery recovery.

DOGtorRx may provide nutritional support for help with age-related symptoms, healthy stress response, health inflammation response, excessive shedding, healthy joint & ligaments, & post surgery recovery.

Benefits of DOGtorRx

DOGtorRx contains only a few all-natural ingredients thus itís easy on your pupís digestive system. The active ingredient contains natural growth factors capable of regenerating the damaged tissues & giving your loved one the strength of mobility. As your dog ages & arthritis progresses, the pain will stop your pup from doing the things they love, like running & jumping, going for long walks, or simply cruising around the park. Our supplements will:

  • Give your friend the life he deserves
  • Bring back the pup in your life
  • Give your dog the energy to play again
  • Give you & your loved one the freedom you both deserve
Helps with:

This powerful formula helps dogs that are geriatric, dogs that are prone to seizures, post-surgery recovery, dogs with skin problems as well as dogs with joint issues.


Guaranteed Analysis per tablet: One tablet contains:
Dogforte (Oligopeptides) 50 mg

Other Ingredients:

Selenium Yeast, Chromium Yeast, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Microcrystalline, Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Beef Liver Flavor, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid.

Useful Information

Recommended Daily Dose:

  • 2x ½ tablet for dogs under 10 lbs
  • 2x 1 tablet for dogs between 10-50 lbs
  • 2x2 tablets for dogs over 50 lbs

Administered dose: morning/evening. Can be given as a treat or with food. Daily serving can be increased if needed.

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