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Vetri Repel Sprays & Wipes

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Whenever your pet ventures outside it runs the risk of bringing home fleas and ticks. Your dog or cat can also get these parasites when you take it to pet salons or vet clinics. Mainly because there is a chance of interacting closely with flea or tick infested pets. As a loving pet parent, you cannot possibly restrict your dog or cat from socializing with other pets or put a stop to outdoorsy fun time. The only way forward is to keep your pet protected using quality anti-flea and anti-tick products.
Vetri Repel Spray is a quality product that promises to keep ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects off your pet's coat. Its vet-approved formula is suited for dogs, cats, and horses. It comes in an easy-spray bottle for quick administration. Once applied, the solution creates an aura of protection around your pet, which repels insects and parasites. Made from special Brazilian oils, some of the ingredients used in this product are used by the natives of Amazon forest to keep flies and insects away. Vetri Repel Spray contains no harsh chemicals or toxins.

Manufactured by Vetri Science Laboratories, the company has an entire line of products including sprays and wipes. All Verti Science products have plant-based ingredients which are completely safe for your beloved pet.

EntirelyPets is the one stop shop for all your pet care need. We give you access to high-quality pet care products at very competitive prices. Keep your pet safe from parasites and insects by ordering Vetri Repel spray and wipes.

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