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Vet's Best OXY ACTION Floor Protection Pads 22" x 22" (100 pads)

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This item has been discontinued.


This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Vet's Best OXY ACTION Floor Protection Pads

Vet's Best OXY ACTION Floor Protection Pads absorb liquid and odors to help you potty train your pet. These pads feature six-layers and a tear-resistant exterior to ensure that no leaks pass through these absorbent pads. The Pads also feature a unique technology that reveals the pH of your pet's urine to indicate warning signs that warrant further examination from a veterinarian.

Vet's Best OXY ACTION Floor Protection Pads measure 22 inches by 22 inches to cover a wide surface area- but extra-large pads that measure 26 inches by 30 inches are also available. This package comes with 100 regular-sized pads, but there are also 10-packs and 50-packs available. Order these USA-made pee pads for your pup today!

Key Features:
  • 6-layer pad for leakproof protection
  • Reveals pH to indicate warning signs of potentially dangerous health conditions
  • Pads measure 22" x 22"
  • Useful Information

    1. Select an accessible training area, away from your dog's food and bed. Unfold and place the pad on the floor, plastic side down, tissue side up.
    2. Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing him to smell the proprietary attractant that triggers instinctive elimination.
    3. While your dog is eliminating, use a phrase like "go potty," so he will learn the command you would like him to associate with elimination.
    4. When he relieves himself on the pad, reward him with enthusiastic praise or a treat.
    5. If your pet relieves himself elsewhere, bring him back to the pad immediately to reinforce this is the place to "go potty."
    6. Dispose of used pads and replace as needed.
    7. If using the pad for housetraining, gradually move the pad toward your door once your pet has learned to use the pad consistently. Eventually, you can move the pad outdoors to the area where you would like your dog to go potty.

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