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Vetericyn VF Plus HydroGel Spray Gel (16oz Trigger)

Item: VET2040
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First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats - Be prepared Home or travel

One-step topical water-based Vetericyn VF HydroGel spray that cleans wounds, treats and kills bacteria including antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Use to treat topical for wounds, hot spots, rain rot, outer ear, yeast and rashes. This steroid-free, antibiotic-free, no-rinse solution is non-toxic and speeds healing. HydroGel is designed to slowly evaporate, there is no need to wipe away film or residue from previous applications. Vetericyn VF HydroGel kills antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria as well as fungi, viruses and spores. Tests free for competitive animals.

This steroid-free, antibiotic-free, no-rinse solution is non-toxic and speeds healing. Made with Microcyn® Technology, Vetericyn VF™ HydroGel Wound and Infection Treatment utilizes the same FDA-cleared formula that has been used to treat over one million humans worldwide without a single serious adverse effect. This revolutionary antimicrobial wound treatment kills antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria as well as fungi, viruses and spores. An oxychlorine compound similar to that produced by the animal’s own immune system, Vetericyn VF HydroGel will not harm healthy tissue. Being pH neutral, it should not sting when applied.


Ingredients: Oxidized Water, Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), and Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

Directions for use: Move excess hair from wound area. Clip if necessary. Adjust spray nozzle. Apply Vetericyn VF HydroGel liberally on the wound to clean, treat infections and promote healing. If dressing is required, apply Vetericyn VF HydroGel liberally to dressing. Apply dressing to wound. Repeat as many times a day as necessary until wound is healed. No rinsing necessary. Skin may “pinken” after application due to increased blood flow to wound site which will help speed healing.

Indications: Indicated for the management of traumatic wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, post-surgical incisions and burns. Safe for use around eyes, mouth and nose.

Customer Reviews

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By Titus
Excellent product
July 25, 2017
Vetericyn is the best anti infective spray I ever used. My dog had bad skin infection from licking and 5 days of use he was cleared up. Used by pol vet clinic. Excellent results every time I use it.
By Regina H.
Vetericyn helpful for skin lesions
May 20, 2016
While this product may be all that is needed for minor skin wounds and lesions, it may not totally eliminate the need for oral antibiotics in severe cases of dermatitis/pyoderma. I've used it successfully both with and without antibiotics, and I will always try to go solo with it first (before calling in the heavy duty medications). I'm delighted that this product is available over-the-counter.
By Niko's M.
Gordonsville, VA
Excellant Product. We will never be without.
January 29, 2015
My GSD Niko is on a cancer drug due to perianal Fistulas. He get a lot of hot spots and for the past 2 yrs he has had to wear his e collar because he rips the hot spots open constantly. Blood everywhere. I cry having to put the ugly e collar on him 24/7 no dog should have to live like that. Well thanks to finding Vetericyn Hydro gel those days are over!!! His hot spots cleared up in 3 days! This stuff is so much better than the regular because it creates a band aid of sort. when I first spray it on Niko he wants to immediately lick it off. He looks at me like What is this goo? but then when I say no don't touch he doesn't and then within the 3 days he is healed. I love this stuff and will not be with out it if Niko gets more hot spots. Thank you for this wonderful product! We are happy and cone of shame free.
By Huntryx
Upstate NY
Miracle stuff!
July 23, 2014
This is a great product-- it quickly takes care of wounds, skin problems, pad sores-- nearly everything my dogs can dream up. It cured a fungal infection on my brother's dog when nothing else the vet tried had helped-- and in 3 days no less! The gel stays on better than the liquid product, and at home we will always have it on hand as long as there is a dog in the house, which means forever! Can't say enough about this stuff.
By Dixie
MIRACLE in a bottle
April 21, 2014
My Pyr had a tumor removed - chewed out ALL the stitches. We went with spraying this on the area vs new stitches. All healed up perfectly.
By Mags
Columbia, MO
Best Product Ever
October 25, 2013
This gel spray is amazing. My vet started my allergy-ridden lab on the original spray version and it was great. To save money, I started ordering the huge bottles and purchased the gel by mistake. It is especially good for my dog because it 'sticks' better. I use this on hot spots, cuts, friction points, and ears. Instant relief. A treatment lasts 12-24 hours before scratching returns. If you are concerned about looks, go with the regular spray instead because the gel does gunk the hair up a bit.
By CritterKeeper
Aids in healing, stays in place
September 26, 2013
I have used this for wound care, on hot spots and a poison ivy rash on my husband. It definitely aids in the healing process. We also have chickens & turkeys that are 100% outside & not as compliant as pets when it comes to wound care. I like the gel because it stays put.
By Ashyasmom
Great Product
August 25, 2013
This was recommended by my vet. I cannot begin to describe the skin condition that my dog was experiencing. He had a reaction to medication, and his back looked like he had the worst case of road rash ever. It has been 6 weeks, but his back is almost healed. Even my vet cannot believe how well he is healing. This product is the best.
By Grace
Works wonders!
June 12, 2013
I have a shar pei who has sensitive skin and prone to abrasions even with just branches or brush. This works wonders in promoting healing and keeping scars to a minimum! So thankful for this!!
By Suzi
Taft, Calif.
Wonderful Product
January 5, 2013
I use Vetericyn on all my animals hot spots or wounds. It's great for any skin related problem!
By SillySeason
Excellent product
November 1, 2012
I have a 3 year old, 6 lbs. pomeranian that I adopted as a 3 month old puppy with a congenital heart murmur. He is a beautiful boy but has been plagued by a variety of health problems---hypothyroidism, food and skin allergies---that have caused recurring skin infections and very itchy skin. He was on long-term oral antibiotics (Zeniquin) and steroids (Prednisone or ocassionally dexamethasone) to treat his itchy skin until his stomach could no longer tolerate the oral medications. On the advice of a Veterinarian Dermatologist, his treatment was changed from oral medications to topical treatments---daily bathing with Douxo Chlorohexidine Shampoo and post-bath application of Vetericyn VF Hydrogel Wound and Infection Treatment. I clipped his coat very short and after 8 weeks of daily bathing and Vetericyn, his skin infection is nearly gone and his skin is substantially less itchy. Vetericyn VF Hydrogel Wound and Infection Treatment is an excellent product that I wound highly recommend to treat even the most sensitive skin problems. Also, Vetericyn is pH balanced so that it does not sting when applied to fresh wounds.
By nonya
God bless Vetericyn
July 25, 2012
This product is MARVELOUS for wounds. I have used it on open wounds for chickens & turkeys that were attacked by dogs. I've used it on hot spots in dogs. I've even used it on poison ivy rash on my husband. This absolutely helps to keep the area clean & protected. The healing is at least twice as fast. Plus, try holding any animal with one hand while you clean a wound with the other. If the best you can do is get a couple of good sprays on the wound, you've helped that animal immeasurably! I prefer the gel, it sticks where you put it.
By Trish
Orlando, FL
One of the best products for damaged skin
March 26, 2012
My Shar Pei has allergies. She scratches her skin raw, and the spots can quickly get infected. This spray has dried out the spots and allowed them to heal faster. I think the product is worth the money. It may not work for everyones pets, but it worked for my dog!
By bob
vetericyn vf
March 26, 2012
it work great my dog gets a growth between 2 toers he licks it raw i spray it for a week it will disapear .i get dark blotches no my skin i spray it and it goes away for a few month .
By JoPfef
St. Louis, MO
Saved Dusty's ears!
November 30, 2011
Bought this to get Dusty's ears healed up. I've tried everything else, and nothing worked. This arrived, and I sprayed the backs of both of his ears, and they have showed amazing improvement in just a few days! He doesn't have ear infections (per the vet), and no allergies; just got on a binge about scratching the backs of his ears. This has solved the problem for both ears, and he's a happy little doggie now -- and so am I. Many thanks!!! :-)

Questions and Answers

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Frazee, MN asked:
June 11, 2019
Can this product be used in a horses eye? He either poked something in it or a bug bite.
1 Answer
Hi Vivan, you can't use this in your horses eye. Please contact your vet and they will be able to let you know what to use on your horse.
Submitted by: Customer Service on August 27, 2019

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