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Vetericyn VF Plus Wound & Skin Care (4oz Trigger)

Item: IWM035567
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First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats - Be prepared Home or travelUse to treat wounds and infections, hot spots, rain rot, ear infections, yeast infections and rashes. This steroid-free, antibiotic-free, no-rinse solution is non-toxic and speeds healing. Vetericyn™ is alcohol-free and iodine-free. Made with Microcyn® Technology, Vetericyn Veterinary Formula is twice the potency of the FDA-cleared formula that has been used to treat over one million humans worldwide without a single serious adverse effect. This revolutionary antimicrobial wound treatment kills antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, including MRSA, as well as fungi, viruses and spores. An oxychlorine compound similar to that produced by the animal’s own neutrophils, Vetericyn will not harm healthy tissue. Being pH neutral, it should not sting when applied.


Ingredients: Oxidized Water, Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), and Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

Directions for use: Move excess hair from wound area. Clip if necessary. Adjust spray nozzle. Apply Vetericyn VF HydroGel liberally on the wound to clean, treat infections and promote healing. If dressing is required, apply Vetericyn VF HydroGel liberally to dressing. Apply dressing to wound. Repeat as many times a day as necessary until wound is healed. No rinsing necessary. Skin may “pinken” after application due to increased blood flow to wound site which will help speed healing.

Indications: Indicated for the management of traumatic wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, post-surgical incisions and burns. Safe for use around eyes, mouth and nose.

Customer Reviews

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100% Recommend this product (16 of 16 responses)
By Bonnie1
Mt. Laurel, NJ
Great results!
July 16, 2018
I have used this time and again over years in treating many types of wounds for my dogs, fosters, cats and horse. I flush the wound with this and apply as needed to keep clean and antiseptic throughout the healing. I have recommended and given bottles to friends as well for theirs. I could not imagine being without this in my pets' first aid closet.
ProsWorks wonders and easy to use.
By Jo c.
Colton oregon
Speedy delivery from entirelypets.
April 10, 2018
Vetericyn vf great product, always have a bottle around....
By rmnative
round mountain, tx
Best Treatment Ever
August 8, 2017
Vetericyn is fantastic for wounds on our pets. We had two cats get attacked by something. They both had really deep gashes that left holes on the inner thighs. We cleaned the wounds, made sure they weren't still bleeding, and sprayed them twice a day for two weeks until the wounds were closed. Normally they would have required stitches, a drain, & antibiotics which they would have gotten if the Verericyn hadn't worked.
By ToniK
Otawa canada
the best oiniment
December 30, 2016
I got small bottle from my Vet to take care of my dog's paw and now I have this 1/2 L of the same product for a fraction of the money.
By Katfish
Fort Myers, Florida
A Must Have for Pet Owner
April 17, 2016
This is a must have and go to product for an owner of most furry creatures. It took care of a skin condition that had my Australian Shepherd at 3 vets, and many antibiotics, and various topicals, and untold amounts of money spent. It is valued for many ailments. I won't be without it again.
By dee
best med for horse, dog, human
January 10, 2015
Vetericyn kills everything. Best med for thrush in a horses feet.
By Mustang J.
Quartz Hill, CA
Use it for everything
June 3, 2014
I actually spoke with the CEO in person at a Clinton Anderson tour stop in Del Mar last year and shared how I cured pinkeye, strep throat and skin rashes with his products. It works for everything pet!
By sevenluck
SF Bay Area
Works Great
July 7, 2013
My Sherpard has a wound on her side that became infected. Now using a wet to dry solution of this with saline and iodine. Wound is healing and starting to close up. Still have a ways to go but this stuff is great. Best price from this site for the size compared to walk in stores. Walk in stores have it for 8 oz at around $32 compared to 16 oz at around $35. I heard this is vet strengh too. Will order more. Service is great and received order within 2 days too.
By jean c.
corona california
Review for Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care (16oz Trigger)
January 22, 2013
perfect product , perfect website good prices fast delivery.
By Madam X.
Flushing, MI
Tried and True
November 14, 2012
Vetericyn VF Wound & Infection Treatment was originally recommended by my vet and have purchased it repeatedly since then. It's the best product I've used to date to treat hot spots, scrapes, infections, etc. Any skin issue heals faster when this product is applied.
By spartacus
Highland Ca
Amazing Wonder Product
October 23, 2012
I had heard about this before from many people regarding the healing effect but I kept thinking it was so expensive.. Finally I decided to buy a bottle and spray it on my dogs wounds everything I have tried and all the antibiotics and shampoos the vets give me only heal him while he is on them but this went over and above and his sores closed magically before my eyes within 2 days I hope to always have some on hand in my home for any unforseen problems with my animals it is worth the cost . I just wish it came in a larger bottle
By Paula
Love This Stuff!
April 27, 2012
This heals hotspots and sores from scratching almost over night - love it!
By Lauren
Chicago area, IL
Miracle in a bottle for hot spots
March 27, 2012
Got my first bottle at a boutique store. I was skeptical but they do have good products there. I paid a fortune for a 4 oz. bottle but truly this stuff is amazing and worth the money. My dog will chew at her hot spot until it's big and bloody. I spray this on it 4 times a day or as often as I can and it really helps to dry it up, heal, and keep it under control. I first dab it with a 50/50 mix of water/povidone iodine solution to cleanse and then use a spray of this. Amazing.
By whitey
is your pet worth it
November 6, 2011
My pitbull is 12 years old, She has horrible sores and suffers from What the vet calls "Cushings disease"!! This Spray along with other Pet meds has Helped Reduce the huge Sores! Also Everywhere I spray it Her sklin has begun to clear up!! Of course this is product is expensive! But This is from just first bottle! Of course some of her sores are Out Of Hand and Have Me Very Worried!! Please help!
By Ann
Good purchase
October 12, 2011
This spray smells a little like bleach. After I spray my dog's belly, I rub it in with my hands and wash them off. No after smell on me or my dog, and no side affects. Worked great.
By RetrieverFan
Boulder, CO
Outstanding wound spray
March 5, 2011
I'm usually skeptical of products claiming to cure just about every kind of skin problem for pets. Glad to say Vetericyn proved me wrong. My dog (an 8-year-old golden) had a spot he kept biting raw. We tried everything, only the dreaded Cone of Shame did any good. Our vet recommended the Vetericyn as something new and to everyone's mutual delight it worked. The spot is still bald, maybe for good. It does not, however, torment any longer. Next up was the cat's smelly ears. Just sprayed it right in there twice a day. Mission accomplished. Wish I had more pets to try it on. My son calls it the magic spray and asks for some on his cuts because it doesn't sting. We are all highly impressed in this family.

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