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What Your Pet Does When You’re Away

What Your Pet Does When You're Away

Ever wonder what your pet is up to for those long hours when you're away from home? Whether you're at work, school or out running errands- we can't always bring out pets along with us and when your away your pets will play. Or will they? Check out our best guesses for what your pet does while you're away, here at EntirelyPets. First of all...

He'll probably dance to celebrate the sweet taste of freedom!

Courtesy of explosionofhappiness.blogspot.com

Then it's time to explore the vast world and its wonders.

Courtesy of 4gifs.com

But exploring gets boring...

Courtesy of gifsoup.com

And before you know it- he's climbing up the walls waiting for you to get home...

Courtesy of likegif.com

And it's not long before he wonders if you're ever coming back

Courtesy of funnyjunk.com.com

Soon enough he's doing all sorts of crazy things...

Courtesy of clayzmama.com

And when you get home... he gets caught in the act!

Courtesy of reddit.com

But once he gets over the embarrassment...

Courtesy of reactiongifs.com

He's just happy that you're finally home!

Courtesy of perezhilton.com

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