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  6. Whimzees Alligator - Large (1 pc)

Whimzees Alligator - Large (1 pc)

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Canine Dental Care Has Never Been So Fun

Whimzees offers high-quality products that make it easier to take care of your dog’s teeth. With something as important as the oral health of your canine friend, you should never settle for anything less than the best.

When you use this product, your dog will have a good time and actually look forward to maintaining proper oral hygiene. Who knew it could be so much fun to remove tartar and plaque? Also, these treats come in different sizes, so you can buy the right ones for your dog. However, never give this product to dogs under nine months or five pounds.

of this treat include:
  • Available in different sizes so your dog can get the right one
  • All-natural ingredients are used
  • Removes tartar and plaque—a fun way to improve oral hygiene
  • Strengthens your bond with your dog
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