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Wobbles (1/18/10)

Name: Wobbles
Submitted by: Mary S.
Location: Sedona, AZ

Wobbles was born in a Puppymill on 12/12/08 all her legs are defective, the front ones flop like all the joints are loose when she walks and she walks on her hocks in the back. She also has Microphthalmia (Small Eye Syndrome) , having one eye that is much smaller then the other and non-functional.

Wobbles leg problems, are from malnutrition (rickets) and from walking on wire bottom cages that are in the state of Nebraska Puppymills. She had many months of appointments at Nebraska Animal Medical Center, Hydro Therapy and Physical therapy 3 days a week,

Wobbles completed her physical therapy and now just needs to run and play more to get her legs strong. Surgery on her legs will do more harm than good. She weighs 7 pounds and needs to stay on the thin side because of her legs.

07/18/09 - Done with Physical Therapy

12/07/09 - Wobbles found her forever home, and flew to Sedona Arizona!

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