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Yuk-2e Anti Lick Gel (1/2 oz)
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Yuk-2e Anti Lick Gel (1/2 oz)

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This item has been discontinued. Looking for an alternative? Try other Taste Deterrents!

Better and badder than ever, Yuk-2e's wildly successful formula has been embellished with two additional bitterants to make it the most potent taste deterrent yet.

Developed by veterinarians, Yuk-2e is a non-toxic but terrible-tasting gel which contains the highest level of the most bitter substance known to the medical community.

Yuk-2e can be applied to areas around wounds or lesions to help prevent further injury by the animal. It is also used to prevent worrying and tearing of bandages, casts, catheters, prevent chronic licking, puppy proofing, and furniture protection.

Customer Reviews

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By AmyD
The only anti lick product that ever worked
November 30, 2018
My dog had ACL surgery 2 years ago. The surgery was successful. He runs like a deer. But, for 2 years he has licked the scar. I have had him to the vet many times and no reason can be found for his constant licking. He licks off every other anti-lick product. They don't even phase him. But, Yuk works. No more licking.
ProsIt works
By Chivas
Problem Solved
April 26, 2013
Our male Chesse is one big tough guy but when I put YUK on the roof of his mouth and then on his open leg wound he stopped licking. Once in the mouth is all that he needed and using on the wound daily until healed worked just fine. The trick, I think, is putting it on the roof of his mouth first.
By Dave
Review for Yuk-2e Anti Lick Gel (1/2 oz)
November 10, 2012
I put this on the wrap on my Dobes leg to keep her from licking and getting the tape off but even tho my fingers tasted horroble for almost a week,the Dobe ignored the taste and ripped the tape and dressing off almost within 5 minutes. Dobes are more headstrong than most breeds so it may work better on other dogs as the taste is really horrible.
By Anonymous I.
Where has this been all my life?
July 21, 2012
Yuk-2e is great stuff if you have a compulsive licker. The sort of dog who makes a small itch or scratch into a red, swollen, raw sore from licking. Treat the problem (for my dog - allergies and occasional skin infections or scrapes), and use this gel to prevent further injury! I tasted it first. It has no flavor, it is just bitter. Not sour - bitter. Some people (and maybe some dogs) can taste bitter more than others; I suspect this will work better for some dogs than others. My dog, who will eat anything except for bitter-tasting foods (i.e. green bell peppers) got one taste of the Yuk-2e on his coat and abruptly stopped licking. I got a sulky look from him, but I was relieved. This beats putting socks on itchy paws at night or using clunky no-lick collars!
By Dave
Did the job!
January 24, 2012
I recently purchased Yuk2e for my Jack Russell (Jinx) who constantly licks the top of his front paws and lower leg. The tube I received looks different and actually much nicer than the pictured tube on the site.

I applied the gel to his one paw just to test it out. The directions said to also apply it to his tongue/hard palate so that he gets a good taste/smell of it.

He wasn't too happy when I put it in his mouth and while he did try licking his paw, he did not continue. The next day I noticed him licking at his front leg again and applied the Yuk2e a bit more and sure enough, he stopped. Since I think this is a habit he has formed, I'm going to keep at it and reapply as needed until he stops.
By bassadormom
Worked marginally
October 11, 2011
Our dog continued to lick the spot where I applied the gel. He eventually stopped licking the area. But I'm not convinced he stopped because of the gel. Since I have a whole tube I will continue to apply the product to see if it stops future licking. It's inexpensive so if you have a problem licker it's worth a try.
By RetrieverFan1
Jacksonville, FL
January 17, 2010
So my golden retriever had a fatty tumor removed by the vet around six months ago and she was constantly bothering the sutures. I had to take her back in once to have one of the areas resutured. I refuse to use the satellite dish collars on her as she knocks over things walking around the house.

The vet gave me a tube of this yuk stuff to apply around the stitches. Sure enough, one dose and no more bothering. She is going in for another lump to be removed and I lost the last tube, so I decided to order online for a cheaper price.

Questions and Answers

1 Question & 1 Answer
February 16, 2019
Is this something I could put on an extension cord to prevent chewing? Would it last very long outside, or just wash off quickly?
1 Answer
Hi, this product is not discontinued. This is only meant to be used on wounds or lesions on a animal. This is not meant to be used on a extension cord
Submitted by: EntirelyPets on April 22, 2019

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